Mt. Hosmer, Lansing Iowa

Mt. Hosmer, Lansing Iowa

Black Hawk Bridge

I am proud of this image because of the effort and perseverance I used to get it. Mt Hosmer is a high bluff with a park on it maintained and ran by the city of Lansing Iowa.

I got the idea to photograph the Black Hawk bridge a couple of weeks prior to my first two day trip for Autumn colors. I did some research and found the contact on the internet. The problem I was faced with was to gain access to the park prior to sunrise as there is a gate and does not open until 8AM and I wanted to get up for the sunrise. All I needed to do was ask for permission to enter prior to opening. This would require someone to open the gate up at 6AM.

They responded with a polite email and arranged it for me. I can’t thank them enough for the opportunity. This was for the morning of October 11th. The weather was changing and we were having a very wet beginning and that morning when I woke up it was rainy and foggy. I was upset because my shoot was done for.

The fog on the river was thick as seen with this barge pushing under the Black Hawk Bridge.

When I left the motel I had all but given up on a sunrise shoot with the chill in the air and a light mist and thought about not even going up the bluff. But then I thought of the effort to make this happen and the person who had to get out and open the gate for me and I could not just leave. So I drove up the bluff.

Just as I thought it was bad conditions for photography but again I stuck it out. I went through the motions trying different things but it was just too misty for any landscape shots to come out good. I decided to go back down hill as half way there is a pull out overlooking the Black Hawk Bridge.

As it go closer to sunrise the clouds began to crack letting in bits of light and there was some hope. As I began to get set up with my tripod it was beginning to get lighter and the excitement and enthusiasm returned in me.

What started out as a gloomy day changed in 15 minutes time and I began clicking away at the scene that appeared before me. The sky opened up just for me that morning or it seemed that way.

This too was very short lived as the sky closed back up and I packed it up and headed west. Less than an hour later I was driving in snow near Decorah. Don’t always listen to what you mind says but follow your gut and when you put people out of the normal morning do the right thing and put out as much effort as they did for you.

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