Month: May 2019

Brush Creek Canyon Preserve Iowa

Brush Creek Canyon Preserve Iowa

Brush Creek Canyon Preserve is an abandoned State Park in Fayette county Iowa. There was a CCC camp that built a shelter and rest room out of stone and these still stand today. I am glad this is a preserve and not a developed state park. No hunting and only fishing for those who brave the dolomite boulders strewn throughout the preserve.

The road in was a greasy mess after a week of rains but I pushed the Subaru Crosstrek on the sketchy road a mix of gravel and mud. The goal was to hike into the preserve to a small creek named Moine Creek. This usually flows in the spring months and becomes a dry creek in late summer. The lush greens of spring overtake most of the rocks in the form of moss and ferns. A scene one would expect to see in some other state but Iowa. We are more than corn fields.

I included a shot from 2015 with my son climbing the boulder field to give perspective to this scene. I knew when first seeing it, it had potential. Can be a treacherous hike down the slopes and takes about half an hour to reach, following nothing but animal trails and climbing over deadfall. The first two shots were taken on my climb up from the floor and left me little room but I found a good spot to take these images.

These are the shots I love to take and this effort helps in presenting things most people will not get to see. Are you an iconic trophy hunter or a unique sort of image chaser?

On a side note we need to protect and preserve areas such as this and keep them in their natural state.