Spooky Woodlands

Spooky Woodlands

WKW Park

The last couple of weekends I have spent a lot of time walking the woodland areas near where I live. This scene caught my eye and I setup the tripod to capture it. I did not like the color version and opted to make it monochrome to give it a much moodier look. That did it and it looks like something from the Blair Witch Project movie set.

I liked the large tree with the dark hole and the v-shape made by the two trees that tried to grow next to it. One is still alive the other died for whatever the reason. I enjoy the peace and solitude of walking through the woods and spring time the floor is just beginning to green. In a short few weeks deadfall will be hard to see.

Land of Gnomes and Fairies
Moss Covered

Venture out in the woods during spring and capture the spring greens growing from the fallen giants of the past.

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