Why Do I do it?

Why Do I do it?

Been a long long time since I added anything to my Blog. I had a wonderful fall capturing scenes from the Loess Hills in western Iowa. Winter this year has been brutal for cold and snow and it seems like every weekend has had weather that does not do well for light. And during this time from January on I have been in a bit of a rut photography wise and have spent hours self evaluating my work and the direction I would like it to go.

I have watched countless YouTube videos with the photographers I admire the most, Thomas Heaton, Adam Gibbs, Nick Page and Gavin Hardcastle. These guys have some great videos to learn from and many are entertaining. Do I aspire to be like them? To a degree maybe. But during this time I have determined I am happy with where I am at and where I am heading. Be happy in your work and enjoy what you do. Be creative and shoot what you like and process in your own style.

Nick Page said it best in this video.

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