Spring has Sprung?

Spring has Sprung?

Really the calendar tells me it is spring but Saturday the weather said no sir it is winter still.  The original forecast called for 5-8″ so I thought yeah I can deal with that, besides they have been wrong all winter and fell shot on the predicted amounts all season.

Well I got up at my normal 3:30AM time and looked outside and saw around 2″ of fresh snow on the ground.  Yep they are wrong again, around 4:30 my wife Sandy woke up and turned out our Jack Russell (JJ) and said it was snowing hard.  I checked the weather service and they were predicting up to 10″ now.

At 8AM I fired up the snow blower and blew 6″ of the white stuff away from the cars and part of the yard.  By 10AM they were now predicting 10-14″ in my area with locally higher amounts.  It finally tapered off at around 3PM and we had around 15″.  Back on blower detail once again.  All winter I ran the blower only 2 times total and this weekend I ran it 3 times.  I am ready for spring but it sure did leave a pretty scene on my Sunday morning drive.  Most gravel roads were still impassable but the main roads were good to go.


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