Reverence Of Abandonment

Reverence Of Abandonment

I have taken a lot of images of abandoned places here in rural Iowa.  Many of these places have been unoccupied since the early eighties and some even longer.  I found a new place locally through a Facebook group I am a member of Iowa Through The Lens.  The guy who posted it did an excellent job of post processing and yesterday I decided to go have a look at the place.

I will not divulge its location so as not to have it disturbed by too many.  I have given to the urge in the past to wander the grounds of some of these places lacking proper permission to do so.  But even when I did I tread lightly and do not disturb anything there.  I treat these places with reverence and out of respect for the souls who lived there and made them their homes, I take nothing but pictures and leave nothing.

These people worked hard to build their farms and pay for the buildings they needed to farm the land and it would be a dishonor to them and the current owner to treat it any other way.  This place had a great look to it even in its state of decay it spoke to how grand a farm it once was.

A place like this really presents one with more questions than there are answers and quite frankly I would prefer to leave the mystery behind the reasons why it was abandoned so many years ago.  The barn appears like it was used a little longer than the house, probably to keep livestock for some time until it was run down.  There was an exhaust fan in one window of the barn that was spinning from the wind blowing through the missing windows.

Somebody is still mowing some of the yard making an even more eerie look with the vines and long grass surrounding it.

Some will think this is sad and it is I guess but as a photographer I am recording history before it is gone.

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