Another one of my well received images on Iowa Through The Lens is this shot of a level B road that runs the western edge of the DNR lands and belongs to The Big Marsh. Sunday I had no real plan and did some free style just taking off and heading south before sunrise. As I went down the blacktop going to Aplington I was presented with low hanging ground fog along the West Fork of the Cedar River. This was going to be my subject this morning. Seems there has been a lot of ground fog these past few weeks in the low lands.

This road has recently been graded due to all the ruts and potholes that were in it from the past years weather. The road is seldom used other than by hunters in the fall deer season and can turn into a muddy mess with just a half inch of rain. Not a high speed road by any means and I was surprised the county spent time grading it as much as they did. A little gravel and it would be better than a standard B road.

I took this image in the middle of the road as the sun cast it’s ray upwards and the fog can be seen in the distance.

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