Road to Nowhere

Road to Nowhere

Road to Nowhere

August 1 already and I am now a mere 20 days until my trip to the pan-handle of Nebraska to view the natural event of the year and what has become known as the Great American Eclipse.  I get bouts of anxiety contemplating the event and whether my photographic skills are developed enough to capture it justly.   I planned on doing this over three years ago and all my practice and learning my camera and composition will come into play.  Looking forward to it and my only hope is clear skies.

I have my glasses, lens filter, memory cards, two new batteries and a place of total seclusion on a road to nowhere at an undisclosed location.  I do not want to share this moment with spectators hooting and hollering.  The only other person I plan on having around will be my son who is traveling with me on this journey.   If it all goes well I may plan on seeing the next one in 2024.

The road to nowhere is where we will be, but this road to nowhere leads to a spectacular event in American history, a rare natural phenomena that has not happened in around 100 years.  It will be awe inspiring and a spiritual event for many including myself.  To not attempt to capture a small part of it would be a fail on my part to document the event as it unfolds.

Afterwards we will travel to Devils Tower Wyoming, Black Hills of South Dakota, Custer State Park, The Badlands along with numerous other locations we run into along the way.  Time to treat these “fly over” states with the respect they deserve and see their natural beauty that many miss or fail to enjoy.  I am my camera will be on overload.  I expect it will take me a couple of weeks to sort through all the images and process the best of the best.

The image below is one I took last weekend and is also a road to nowhere in Butler county Iowa.  But in the end all roads lead to somewhere you just need to travel them to find out where that is…

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