Am I an Artist?

Am I an Artist?

You know one of the nicest comments I could ever receive came from a gentleman on a group from Facebook, Iowa Through The Lens.  I have felt for some time I have developed into an artist as many of my photos in recent months take on a painting type look.  I feel many Artists see light and color and put it on canvas to replicate what they saw, no dark shadows or washed out skies.  Digital photography should be no different as you capture the light and post process how it looked.  This is why I shoot HDR.

But the comment on the picture below, confirmed my beliefs on what I was thinking and working towards all along, and in the process have developed my own style and brand, I just needed someone other than family or friends to confirm it.  Thanks Ed King for the kind words.

“There are lots of good photographers on this site and they shoot awesome pictures. You sir are not just a good photographer, but an artist of great talent. Another masterpiece.” – Ed King

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