Fairfield No. 5

Fairfield No. 5

On my drive this morning I ran the gravel road separating Butler and Grundy counties. Around New Hartford I saw a small church a mile in the distance and headed towards it. There was an older lady in the ditch in front of her house where the church is. I asked her if she would mind if I took some picture of the Chapel.

We talked for a while and she also as a school house on her property. She offered to let me in to both buildings. She also told me she recently moved and old farm house in and was having it restored to the early 1900’s. She maintains the property all by herself and she was busy cutting the weeds in her ditch with a corn knife at the age of 74. I was so glad I stopped and asked her. She is doing so much to preserve the past by herself.

I found an article on her here. http://www.thegrundyregister.com/…/project-seeks-identify-l…


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