A Humbling Experience

A Humbling Experience

Good things are happening with my photographic journey.  I have been submitting photos to Our Iowa Magazine on a regular basis now and the summer issue arrived at my door today.  It came in an envelope and I knew I had a picture published.  They always send out an advance copy and place it in an envelope to people who submit images and they chose to publish.

When I opened the envelope and saw the letter and the enclosed check I was very surprised.  The check amount was large and I read the letter they published three of my images and the centerfold which is a three page spread.  I am feeling very humbled right now and still shocked.  I tend to be a pixel peeper at times and have self doubt at times over the quality of my work.

Feeling blessed, thankful and humble right now beyond words.  Thank you Our Iowa Magazine.  The three images published are following.

Mossy Glen Page 35
Clear Lake Fishermen Page 38
Gatefold (center fold)

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