More About This Shot

More About This Shot

Time to explain in more detail how I made this image.  This is something new for me to share my technique.  Equipment used:  Nikon D7100, Nikor 18-55mm kit lens, tripod and remote release.

I took five separate exposures letting the camera decide the f stops.  I set the camera to shutter priority mode then set the exposure to 4 seconds for the first shot and 2 seconds for the remaining 4.  I bracketed the camera to take 5 exposures and let it do the decision making to determine the ISO setting.  The following five images are what the camera took.

f/9 4 sec iso-100 +2 step 48mm
f/13 2 sec iso-100 0 step 48mm
f/25 2 sec iso-100 -2 step 48mm
f/18 2 sec iso-100 -1 step 48mm
f/10 2 sec iso-100 +1 step 48mm

I then load the images into Machinery HDR Effects.  I love this program and feel it gives the best results for the price.  Once the images are loaded into the program I use the align tool to align the images, with the use of a tripod little aligning is required.  I then go through the pre-sets of which there are many and lean towards the dynamic contrast ones or the micro contrasts as I feel they give the best natural results.  The image below is the final result and I can say it is one of my favorite images I have taken so far this year.

The image is available at FAA and on Red Bubble.


Spilling Over Dolomite
Spilling Over Dolomite – Moine Creek cascades down the sloping limestone canyon in Brush Creek Canyon Preserve in Fayette County Iowa, north of Arlington. This is an HDR image of 5 separate long exposures blended together to create this stunning image.

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