Failures And Successes

Failures And Successes

I headed back to Brush Creek Canyon this morning with a goal of seeing Blue Spring.  Blue Spring is located in the far NW corner of the preserve.  I made it to the confluence of Moine Creek and Brush Creek, when I was almost there I realized I forgot to hang my Tokina 11-16mm lens from my belt loop so all I ad was my 18-55mm Nikor kit lens,  I decided against heading back to retrieve it as I would lose another 20 minutes doing so and would get along with my only lens.

The travel was difficult crossing Brush Creek numerous times until I decided to try again another day.  Brush Creek is a trout stream with deep pools and shallow rock bottom rapids which allowed crossings.  It winds through the canyon and forces one to cross often. 

One of the crossing areas
Confluence of Moine and Brush Creek
A large dolomite block end up in Brush Creek

As I went in further the opportunities to cross were getting fewer as the canyon sides were closing in.  I made it half way to the spring and had to make a decision to trudge on or give up for now as my time schedule did not fully allow for hours of hiking into the wilderness.  I decided this was as far as I would go today and it was a good exploratory trip and I could use the knowledge for an attempt some other time.  I was unsure of what I would find at the spring and did not want to waste time on something that could be a disappointment.

The impasse and decision time
The other side of the impasse

So I failed to make my goal but was wiser about the area.

Brush Creek and the terrain.

All was not lost as I went back to Moine Creek and tried something new, long exposure HDR. The following images were five 1 sec shots stepping down 2 stops and up 2 stops. ISO100, I like the way these came out and will attempt more of this photography again.  Out of my failure I was able to succeed at something else.

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