Why Edit Images

Why Edit Images

The reasons for editing digital images are many.  There are some people who say they are purist and brag about having done no edits.  If you have did no editing the your images are probably not even close to what your eye saw.  Digital cameras do a great job but can’t match what the human eye sees.  This for me is the number one reason to edit in post.

Very few images can come straight out of the camera, to print and become a great shot.  Most of mine are edited.  Photography is an art form of capturing light, color and contrasts placed into a Composition the viewers are pulled in to.

I am on photo groups on Facebook and see a lot of decent images but they lack the real pizzazz then there are the cell phone images that should have remained on their phone nothing wrong with a phone image seen some great ones, however they were edited.  Facebook is also where I see a lot of purists.  Most of them I feel are this way because they do not understand the importance of editing.  Some actually need edits and some would never print larger than a 5 x 7 due to noise, blockiness or some other issue no editing software can repair.

They feel the image is a great one because they have an emotional attachment to the moment.  I see lack of detail or some object that distracts the eye from the subject.  For those pesky power lines or poles there is a tool called cloning and one can easily remove the distraction.  The best thing to do is move before snapping the shutter but sometimes this can’t be avoided.

HDR “high dynamic range” photography can see a large amount of time in post processing until the desired effect is achieved.  Be careful about over-saturating the colors as this gives an unnatural look, unless this is what you are looking for.  I have a few on my site that have high saturation because this is what I chose for the image at the time.

In short don’t let pride stand in the way of you turning your photo from just an album snapshot into a fine art image people want to enlarge and display on their office walls or in their home.

Below is the image as seen by the lens and camera, below that is a five shot .7 step layered HDR image enough said about editing to get that image to pop a picture says a thousand words they say.

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