Month: November 2016

The Old Pickup

The Old Pickup

This old Chevy pickup tells a story of it’s rough and tuff Iowa life on the farm.  I have seen this tucked away in the corner of a auto salvage yard for a number of years and contacted the owner last Wednesday about taking pictures there.  Saturday I stopped out and took a large number of HDR images there and this old truck capture was my favorite of the day.  Plan on going back there again this coming weekend.

This truck has a special place in my heart as it is the same model we had on the farm in the 60’s and half way through the 70’s it was a workhorse.  I remember riding as a young child with Dad and Grandpa many times.  The gear shift and hand brake sat in the middle of the seat and I always had to be mindful of Dad shifting gears so I was not in the way, once in 4th I was able to relax more until the next stop or corner was made.  What a neat memory and no concern that we were all seated over 15 gallons of gasoline.  Wish I could turn back time and save that old truck from the junkyard, would love to be able to ride in it today.

Why Edit Images

Why Edit Images

The reasons for editing digital images are many.  There are some people who say they are purist and brag about having done no edits.  If you have did no editing the your images are probably not even close to what your eye saw.  Digital cameras do a great job but can’t match what the human eye sees.  This for me is the number one reason to edit in post.

Very few images can come straight out of the camera, to print and become a great shot.  Most of mine are edited.  Photography is an art form of capturing light, color and contrasts placed into a Composition the viewers are pulled in to.

I am on photo groups on Facebook and see a lot of decent images but they lack the real pizzazz then there are the cell phone images that should have remained on their phone nothing wrong with a phone image seen some great ones, however they were edited.  Facebook is also where I see a lot of purists.  Most of them I feel are this way because they do not understand the importance of editing.  Some actually need edits and some would never print larger than a 5 x 7 due to noise, blockiness or some other issue no editing software can repair.

They feel the image is a great one because they have an emotional attachment to the moment.  I see lack of detail or some object that distracts the eye from the subject.  For those pesky power lines or poles there is a tool called cloning and one can easily remove the distraction.  The best thing to do is move before snapping the shutter but sometimes this can’t be avoided.

HDR “high dynamic range” photography can see a large amount of time in post processing until the desired effect is achieved.  Be careful about over-saturating the colors as this gives an unnatural look, unless this is what you are looking for.  I have a few on my site that have high saturation because this is what I chose for the image at the time.

In short don’t let pride stand in the way of you turning your photo from just an album snapshot into a fine art image people want to enlarge and display on their office walls or in their home.

Below is the image as seen by the lens and camera, below that is a five shot .7 step layered HDR image enough said about editing to get that image to pop a picture says a thousand words they say.

Mallory Park Visit

Mallory Park Visit

Last weekend I went to Mallory Park in Franklin County Iowa to look for something different and went hiking the trails of the park.  This was the site of the first settlers of Franklin County and the park is somewhat neglected but free of hunting.  When I went in I came across numerous deer walking in the woods and saw some nice bucks in their fall rut.


first image is of Maynes Creek, it is an HDR five shot image with .7 steps.

All the leaves are Brown… The line from the Mommas and Papas hit song California Dreamin came to mind on this next image taken at Maynes Grove in Franklin County the same day.

This last shot is from Mallory Park, while hiking up a steep hill I came across this old bench and thought it made a cool subject for another HDR image. 

Last Vestige of Autumn

Last Vestige of Autumn

The hunt for the last remaining colors of Autumn is getting harder to find photo worthy shots.  Below is a group of photos I managed to find this past weekend.

This is Wilder Park in Allison Iowa.  The town has had a lot of support on this beautiful park with a large number of tree plantings the past decade.  These young trees are some of the last to keep their leaves this late in the season.

This is the storm shelter at Wilder park with its beautiful wrapping of Autumn vines.

A close up of the same vine.  This is a five shot HDR capture blended in post processing.

The above image is the last two remaining trees along the north shore of Beed’s Lake State Park north of Hampton Iowa.

I loved this seasons color offering.  It started rather slow and has hung on longer than my memory recalls.  To see more of this Autumn’s splendor visit my gallery.