A day in the journey of many

A day in the journey of many

“A day in the journey of many”


The golden orb in the sky was gradually sinking into the world, drawing conclusion to another day.  The carroty radiance was filling the heavens and shimmering down on the terrain below, falling upon the water’s surface.   The migrating waterfowl resting on the rippling water, the majority floated in silence, a few held conversations with the others about them.  A serene and peaceful rest awaited those travelers of miles, during the stop at this oasis.
Twice a year they journey across the plains of Iowa, onto parts mysterious, a few to Minnesota, on to North Dakota, a few travel as far-off as the Arctic Circle, all to continue the circle of life.  They journey hundreds of miles, without a compass or map to guide them, instinct leads them, and the majority arrives at their final destination.

The minority fall upon destitution along the way, a final end to the endeavor of propagating the species, the consequences are meeting their own demise.  Perhaps this is what they converse about as they unwind, basking in the final rays of daylight, soaking in the cooling waters of winters finale.
These are the stirrings of spring, symbols of a renaissance, the awakening from a long winters nap.  All seasons contain their own splendor, however none are full of expectation and new growth such as spring delivers.
As the light turns shadowy, the multitudes assemble and drift in silence, thus ends a solitary day in a journey of many.

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